• Rebecca Schumejda

Pre-Order Something Like Forgiveness

My new collection can be pre-ordered at: https://stubbornmulepress.com/ Those who pre-prder will receive an original collage piece signed by Hosho McCreesh, while artwork lasts.

This full-color poetry book by Rebecca Schumejda features a single long-form poem about the incarceration of her brother and its rippling effects across their family. Includes artworks by Hosho McCreesh.

"How do you forgive the unforgivable? This is the question Rebecca Schumejda wrestles with, on a grand scale, in this emotionally taut, tightly structured, intensely personal poem. Using a slow reveal, the poet dispenses morsels of information, with regard to the nature of the crime, and her struggles with coping with her love for her brother who committed it and, finally, the heinous nature of what he did, until we learn, as well, what happened. She asks, among the many effective refrains, “What if you had died that night?” Somehow life could have been easier if he had. Maybe. I know how she feels. I’ve been there: different relative, similar crime. Something Like Forgiveness is not simply a must read, it is an experience." —Alan Catlin, poet, editor Misfit Magazine

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