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The title is centered around the death of her father and integrates personal narrative with universal concepts. The author explains, "The collection explores how and why we allocate our time and efforts. I endeavor to merge the narrative with the abstract and the universal. The movements of words and people motivate me to scrutinize the intentions of both."

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One of my favorite books of poetry by any author, The Map of Our Garden is a gift. Rebecca wastes no words as her poems take root, growing lush and vivid inside the heart and imagination of the reader running barefoot through her verse. — S.A. Griffin

A collection of 25 poems, often dealing with the trials of being poor, overworked, and underappreciated both as an employee AND as a human being.


Common Wages is a shared chapbook of poems by Don Winter and Rebecca Schumejda focusing on working class lives.  You can read the poems for free if you click on the link above. 

Advanced Directives, a long narrative poem about loss, published by River Dog Press, 2022
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